I Dream of Genie

While pondering the notion of an “exploded aesthetic,” it occurred to me that visually dissecting an object has more to do with our wanting to excavate than to analyze. That is, we desire to glimpse the invisible, the surprize inside our Kinder Egg. This “container” or “capsular” idea became essential to me when choosing an object to explode, and spurred me to elect a genie bottle. I was charmed by the concept of extra-dimensionality, and modeled my bottle after TVland’s 1960s hit I Dream of Jeannie, starring Barbara Eden. I made the decision to explode not the bottle’s glass, but instead the decorative elements wrapping around it. The embellishments (jewels, scrollwork, appliques) are presented as begirding and ensphering my purple base, almost as though they are in orbit.

Genie bottle for behance


Final Skeleton


Icon Variants